If The Title of This Post Contains the Word “Tennessee”, Will It Attract Human Spammers?

As noted before, I do love Spam Karma 2. 4000+ spams eaten over the last 18 months or so, and it’s nearly perfect as far as I can tell.

But it didn’t catch a couple of… terse… commenters on this post about a presentation I was about to give. One commenter seemed rather irritated, and posted a malformed link to some addiction recovery place or another. A second commenter appeared to be much friendlier, and posted a few words mildly relevant to the presentation, but also added a link to another treatment center. And it’s just happening on this one post, as far as I can tell.

And this isn’t the garden-variety spam I’m used to seeing in Spam Karma 2’s reports. Which means it’s not getting caught with their Javascript test, their “Flash Gordon was here” test (comment posted just a few seconds after page load), etc. The comments contain one link, nothing formatted with BBCode, no unformatted links, and there are complete sentences attached to them that are just barely related to the post content.

Of all the posts I’ve got here, and all the opportunity for spam it provides, why this post, and why these spammers? The only thing the post and the spams have in common is the word “Tennessee”. Spammer 1 tried to link to an addiction recovery site with the word Tennessee in its URL. Spammer 2 successfully linked to a treatment center with the word Tennessee in its URL.

So I wonder, did I include the word “Tennessee” in this post enough to attract these folks’ attention? Will they post more spam here? Because if they do, what Spam Karma 2 doesn’t catch, I will. Word of advice, guys. I don’t get an enormous volume of comments here. In fact, I get few enough to where I’m normally able to look at them within minutes of their arrival. If they’re spam, they’ll get deleted. If you’re getting paid by the hour, I guess it doesn’t matter. If you’re getting paid by number of valid links left after some period of time, you’re better off spamming elsewhere.

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