Solution to a Vexing update-alternatives Problem

So I’ve got Debian packages made from lots of large proprietary software titles, but one of them (Hyperworks) had been throwing errors on several of the systems I tried to install it on, normally something like: Setting up hyperworks8 (8.1+0.2) … update-alternatives: slave link name /usr/bin/amfbuilder duplicated dpkg: error processing hyperworks8 (–configure): subprocess post-installation script […]

To greylisting: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

New mail server went in this afternoon. I did forget to email the few non-administrative users we have on it ahead of time. My fault. But among other things, the new server has postgrey installed for greylisting. In the first six hours, we greylisted 136 emails, and 30 got resent. So that’s roughly 100 spam […]