To greylisting: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

New mail server went in this afternoon. I did forget to email the few non-administrative users we have on it ahead of time. My fault. But among other things, the new server has postgrey installed for greylisting. In the first six hours, we greylisted 136 emails, and 30 got resent. So that’s roughly 100 spam messages that I won’t have to deal with (I expect I see the most spam on the server, between my own email address and all the stuff that tries to hit the various mailman lists). In the next seven hours, 147 were greylisted, and 4 got resent.

Eventually, I’ll get dspam working alongside it, since 3 of the delayed emails today were actually spam, but this is an enormous first step, and the return on the minimal amount of configuration required is huge.

Update on emails delivered versus greylisted:

Date Delivered without Delay Greylisted Greylisted, but Re-sent
2007/09/11 222 136 30
2007/09/12 859 336 7
2007/09/13 888 270 9
2007/09/14 845 363 13

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