Stupid Puppet Trick: Agreeing to the Sun Java License with Debconf Preseeds and Puppet

I had a user ask for Java to be installed on the cluster systems, so I started up by making a simple JRE5 module for puppet, but this first one didn’t quite work: class jre5 { package { “sun-java5-jre”: ensure => latest; } } It doesn’t work because Sun wants you to agree to its […]

Obscure Puppet Error #1

(First in a series of some finite positive number, for the greater edification of Googlers everywhere.) If you get an error of err: Could not retrieve catalog: Could not parse for environment development: Syntax error at ‘Debian’ at /etc/puppet/master/manifests/os/Debian.pp:1 on a Debian.pp that only has one line of class Debian {}, just go ahead and […]