Using Matlab to Make Animations from Excel Simulation Results

One of the faculty has some axisymmetric diffusion simulation code written in Excel and VBA. He didn’t think his 2D graphs of chemical concentration along a particle’s radius would be suitable for an audience he’d be presenting to, and that they’d be better served seeing an animation of how the concentration varied over time and […]

Simple Time Log for OpenOffice (and soon, Excel)

Last year, I threw together a mildly intelligent Excel spreadsheet that would help me add up release time entries for various projects, and posted it to an earlier version of this 43 Folders topic. Since they converted from their old forum software to Drupal, my spreadsheet attachment got lost. And since I couldn’t find it […]

Converting National Instruments LVM Timestamps to Excel (UPDATED: and Matlab)

A few days ago, I had a student looking into what would be required to periodically log some temperatures and pressures from a long-running furnace experiment, so that he doesn’t have to babysit it and come back every 30 minutes to record his data. We borrowed a National Instruments USB-6008 data acquisition device and downloaded […]