If The Title of This Post Contains the Word “Tennessee”, Will It Attract Human Spammers?

As noted before, I do love Spam Karma 2. 4000+ spams eaten over the last 18 months or so, and it’s nearly perfect as far as I can tell. But it didn’t catch a couple of… terse… commenters on this post about a presentation I was about to give. One commenter seemed rather irritated, and […]

Upgraded to WPMU 2.5.1

Joy. Upgraded the site to WPMU 2.5.1. Took a while to reconstruct my restrictions for new users and blog creation, and I’m switching out some syntax-highlighting plugins, too. We’re nearly ready to unleash this on a horde of unsuspecting graduate students. Code Example: [sourcecode language=’php’] /** * This holds the version number in a separate […]

Work in Progress: Policy-Driven Blog Registrations for Universities

In response to this thread at the WPMU forums, I’ve hacked up parts of the signup procedure to match what I wanted for my student/faculty/staff blogs here. Particularly, the goals for us were: Restrict registration to people with email addresses in our subdomain cae.tntech.edu — this would include every engineering graduate student plus a sizable […]