Building a Wiley Manuscript with Per-Chapter Bibliographies

One of Tech’s faculty and a post-doctoral research associate are working on a book for Wiley, and they want to have a list of references after each chapter, rather than one set of references for the entire book. Wiley’s LaTeX guides don’t give particularly good information on how to do this, and I never got […]

One More Update to the Door Sign Javascript

One more set of bug fixes for this original post. Sometime early this week, Twitter broke some redirection I had been relying on. That is, if I was on my phone, URLs on automatically redirected to and kept all my parameters for status and such. had no problem handling the request if […]

Updated HTML and Python code for Tweetable Office Door Sign

See the original post for the basic information. This post exists only to highlight a few bug fixes. Since running with my sign for a few days, the main bug I’ve run into is that Twitter doesn’t let you post identical status messages over a short period of time. One recommended fix is to append […]

Nagios check_smb and Windows Server 2008R2

We’re in the midst of upgrading our Windows Server 2003 servers to 2008R2. Three down, one to go. We noticed that the 2008R2 servers threw errors back to Nagios that the 2003 servers never exhibited. Lots of: CRITICAL SMB anon access: Domain=[CAE] OS=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 7600] Server=[Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 6.1] errors. […]

Using Matlab to Make Animations from Excel Simulation Results

One of the faculty has some axisymmetric diffusion simulation code written in Excel and VBA. He didn’t think his 2D graphs of chemical concentration along a particle’s radius would be suitable for an audience he’d be presenting to, and that they’d be better served seeing an animation of how the concentration varied over time and […]

Capturing an Image from a WIA-compatible Digital Camera

We’ve had a research project requiring a fair amount of image acquisition and processing, requiring  higher resolutions than most industrial cameras can offer. As a result, we’ve tried at least three different digital cameras (Canon PowerShot S3is, Nikon D40, and Canon PowerShot SD780is). Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages: S3is advantages:  good […]

Setting up Project Quotas under XFS in Debian GNU/Linux

Quick and dirty notes for getting XFS project quotas running: I’m working on making storage areas for various capstone design class groups, vehicle teams, etc. I’d like to ensure that they don’t take an excessive amount of storage, too. These instructions are slightly different than what I’d found elsewhere, and I’m hoping to have someone […]