Stupid Software!

  1. Stupid Winamp. I update it on my laptop last weekend, and suddenly none of the MS Office products work any more.
  2. Stupid MS Ofice. After I get back to the office, I try to repair it by pointing it at the setup files it’s been looking for all weekend, but it doesn’t like those setup files.
  3. Stupid Windows. After I uninstall Office, it wants me to reboot. When I do, Windows blue screens right after I log in.
  4. Stupid Windows installation CDs. For some reason, you think the USB Zip drive with no disk inserted in it would make a lovely drive C:. Realizing that it has no disk inserted in it, you happily install Windows to my hard disk like I’d expect, which you then label drive E:.
  5. Stupid Windows management tools. I move the Zip drive to Z: like it had been before, but you won’t let me change the drive letter on the boot drive from E: to C:. So I unplug the Zip drive and reinstall Windows.
  6. Stupid OS X. When mounting a 8.86 TB Samba volume with 7.70 TB free, you think it’s an 800 GB volume with nothing free. Mount the same volume via Netatalk, and you’re fine.
  7. Stupid GNU tar. If I blindly chmod a bunch of files that my users might have the wrong permissions on, you think I’ve done something to the file contents, even if the permissions before and after are identical. I’ve not gotten a good backup of this one student’s 80GB of data yet, as far as you’re concerned.

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