Where’s MarcoPolo for Windows?

MarcoPolo, “context-aware computing for OS X” appeals to all three great virtues of the programmer: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. It makes me want a Mac notebook. Unfortunately, Pro/E, ANSYS, and other necessary tools for my regular work would mean I’d end up dual-booting the Mac all the time. And I’d miss my port replicator and its enabling me to have one connection to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, network, etc.

So, why not build a MarcoPolo for Windows? I’ve not yet found one, but I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong there. In the meantime, I’m working on a Python/Windows proof-of-concept that could be the groundwork for a Windows analogue to MarcoPolo.

[code language=”py”] # Idea for Win32 version of MarcoPolo (Context-aware computing for Mac OS X)

# Contexts
contexts = {
‘Home’: 1,
‘Work’: 1,
‘pre-Noon’: 1,
‘post-Noon’: 1,
‘Unknown’: 1,

import wmi, pybonjour, time, IP4Range
# wmi: http://tgolden.sc.sabren.com/python/wmi.html
# pybonjour: http://o2s.csail.mit.edu/o2s-wiki/pybonjour
# IP4Range: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/466298/

def main():
# Evidence sources via WMI (direct from MarcoPolo features, some
# sources may not be available in Win32)

# Current audio output device (headphones/speakers) — may not be
# discoverable on XP and earlier.

# Discoverable Bluetooth devices — can find a Bluetooth adapter via
# USB, but not a connected end-user device

# Advertised Bonjour (Zeroconf) services — ‘browse_and_resolve.py
# _daap._tcp’ finds a remote iTunes share, but no idea how to look for
# random services.

# Attached FireWire devices — no FireWire-capable computers on hand

# Assigned IP addresses
ipList=[] for adapter in c.Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration(IPEnabled=”True”):

# Ambient light level — may not be any standard sensors available to
# Windows

# Attached monitors
monitorList=[] for monitor in c.Win32_DesktopMonitor(Availability=3):

# Active network links
networkAdapterList=[] for adapter in c.Win32_NetworkAdapter(NetConnectionStatus=2):

# Power source (power adapter/battery) — need to test on laptop

# Running Applications
applicationList=[] for process in c.Win32_Process():

# Time of day

# Attached USB devices
usbDeviceList=[] for device in c.Win32_USBControllerDevice():

# Visible WiFi networks — need to test on laptop

# Rules (type, criteria, context, confidence)
ruleList = [
(‘usb’, ‘Brother HL-5140 series’, ‘Home’, 0.80),
(‘usb’, ‘Visioneer OneTouch 7300’, ‘Home’, 0.99),
(‘monitor’, ‘Plug and Play Monitor’, ‘Home’, 0.60),
(‘ip’, ‘’, ‘Home’, 0.50),
(‘ip’, ‘’, ‘Work’, 0.99),
(‘ssid’, ‘mike-and-carolyn’, ‘Home’, 0.99),
(‘time’, [’00:00′, ’11:59′], ‘pre-Noon’, 0.99),
(‘time’, [’12:00′, ’23:59′], ‘post-Noon’, 0.99),

# Decision
for rule in ruleList:
itemFound = -1
(ruleType, ruleItem, ruleContext, ruleStrength) = rule
if ruleType==’ip’:
for ip in ipList:
if currentIP.issubset(ipRange):
itemFound = 1

elif ruleType==’monitor’:
itemFound = monitorList.index(ruleItem)
except ValueError:
elif ruleType==’adapter’:
itemFound = networkAdapterList.index(ruleItem)
except ValueError:
elif ruleType==’application’:
itemFound = applicationList.index(ruleItem)
except ValueError:
elif ruleType==’usb’:
itemFound = usbDeviceList.index(ruleItem)
except ValueError:
elif ruleType==’time’:
if cmp(timeOfDay,ruleItem[0])>=0 and cmp(timeOfDay,ruleItem[1])myConfidence:
myConfidence = 1-contexts[context]

print “Your location: %s (confidence %f)” % (myLocation, myConfidence)

if __name__ == “__main__”:
[/code] I know my Python is mediocre at best. But this does work so far in my limited testing (“Unknown rule type ssid, Your location: Home (confidence 0.999600)”). Thanks to David Symonds for his assistance in this thread.

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