Why Should I Fill Out a Contact Form to Download FlexLM Utilities?

So some years ago, Macrovision buys FlexLM, and a few months ago, spins it off into Acresso Software. And now I’m ready to start using Cacti to monitor FlexLM license usage, but I need Linux versions of lmutil and related utilities. I could just pull them from a package that uses FlexLM, but I don’t want to worry about whether or not I got the absolute most recent version (newer lmutils will talk to older servers just fine, but older ones might not talk to newer servers).

Off we go to Acresso’s downloads page. Fill out a form including my email address, phone, name, and other information. Eventually, I get redirected to this Acresso page, where the lmutil downloads actually are held. I grumble a bit because I’ve filled out the form on something other than the server where I need lmutil, so odds are, they’ll prevent me from doing the download since I won’t have some kind of cookie from the original form.

Nope. No security there. Copy the link to the 32-bit Linux lmutil, paste it into a terminal on the server, and go. So from now on, I plan to just return to their target page to do the FlexLM downloads.

I really don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish here. 99% of the people looking for lmutil or anything else on that download page aren’t potential Acresso customers, they’re just looking for newer releases of programs already provided by other software vendors.

But regardless, I’ve got my graphs running now:
Matlab License Usage

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