re:PocketMod – DIY Tiny Paper Organizer

I’m not giving up my Treo 700p as my regular organizer, but there are times when I recognize the advantages of paper. re:PocketMod is a site with a Flash application on it that lets you lay out and print 8 pages of information onto a single 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Properly cut and folded, the final size ends up fitting in a bifold wallet (slightly larger than a credit card, but I can put it in my wallet’s cash area, or in another pocket behind my work ID). If you lay out the pages with to-do lists, calendars, or other time-sensitive information, you might end up printing one of these each day. If you lay out the pages with less time-sensitive information, you could keep the one organizer page around for quite a while.

Oy. Not 3 minutes after I post this the first time, it gets Pingback spam from some jackass’s site because the above paragraph contains the word “paper”.

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