Python for Fortran Programmers

I don’t know what language engineers will use in the future, but I know they’ll call it Fortran.

(Source unknown, some references here.)

Here’s a collection of Python translations of program listings from D.M. Etter’s Structured FORTRAN 77 for Engineers and Scientists, 3rd Ed. Why this book? Because it’s what I used in my first (and only) Fortran class. To avoid potential copyright problems, I’m not including the original Fortran code, even though this might qualify as fair use. Spend the $1.00 plus shipping at AbeBooks, or find it in your local used bookstore or library.

I don’t claim that any of the following translations are good examples of idiomatic Python; when someone pointed out where some of my earlier code could be done much cleaner with functional programming techniques, I remarked “I’m less of a functional programmer than a dysfunctional one”. As I get time, I may go back and rework some of these in a more Pythonic manner.

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