I Love Spam Karma 2

Back many months before I ever set up a blog server, one of the ITS people asked me in passing, “guess what happens if you search tntech.edu for viagra?” I had no idea. The answer (at the time) was a ton of entries in a guestbook or similar for one of the faculty. The answer (now) is the guestbook for a student organization, plus some articles about a TTU alumnus who was involved in the development process for said drug.

When I did set up some starter blogs on another platform, I didn’t have anything to post there, and neither did anyone else I set one up for. So they languished, got crawled, and then got spammed. But nobody else noticed, so I deleted those blogs and watched the 404 errors pile up in the web server logs.

So let me know confess my undying love for the goodness that is Spam Karma. Lots of spams eaten, few to none passed onto the actual pages. Most recently caught:
Thank you, “free mp3 ringtones” and “downloadable ringtones”, for your kind words. I tried to make my site nice, and I’m happy that it waw’ed you. “omegax”, who a found me site in google, thanks for stopping by. I think I know “traspoolkae”, a classmate of the nearly-famous Mark V. Shaney.

But most of all, thank you Dave of Unknown Genius. This plugin reduces my daily list of things to worry about by one.

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  1. Previous commenter got his link removed, since it’s probably an attempt to game results for “youtube”. And since they’d posted the same comment to several places on the site.

  2. I love Spam Karma 2 too!!!

    What will happen now if or dear unknown genius Dave retires the job of keeping it up to date? Will someone else take it over? Will the version I have work forever?


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