Dr. Ahmad Vasel, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (931) 372-6468
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Madison Dittner 
M.SC. Student (Summer 2018)
E:  Madison’s research is focused on wind power forecasting, as well as designing and testing a blade-less wind turbine using CFD and laboratory experiments..

Cody Long
M.Sc. Student (Fall 2018)
E:  Cody’s research includes designing and studying a storage-integrated hydro-kinetic power generator.

Ryan Nash
M.Sc. Student (Fall 2018)
Ryan develops technologies to steer wake of wind turbines in order to improve performance of utility-scale wind farms as a whole.

Douglas Clark
PhD Student (Summer 2018)
Doug is pursuing his Ph.D. degree while holding a full-time position as an R&D staff member at ORNL. Doug’s research is concerned with characterization of Uranium aerosols..

Reza Nouri
PhD Student (Spring 2019)
Reza studies aerodynamics of wind farms using Large Eddy Simulations.
Logan Unsere 
Undergraduate Researcher (Spring 2019)
Logan is investigating potential options for enhancing power production of vertical axis wind turbines. 

Trenton Preston 
Undergraduate Researcher (Summer 2018)
Trenton received CISE (Creative Inquiry Summer Experience) grant to research the potential impact of buoyant vortex rings on floating objects.