FMRL's small, low-speed wind tunnel
FMRL’s small, low-speed wind tunnel

Two subsonic open-loop wind tunnels: a large, low-speed wind tunnel and a small, high-speed wind tunnel

A 3D, fully automated traverse system to control the probes at the wind tunnel’s test section

A IFA-300 Constant Temperature Anemometer with 1D and X probes and a calibration system to measure turbulence

An ATI Mini85 Load Cell with DAQ and ATI software to measure aerodynamic and hydrodynamic loads and torques in three dimensions

Several fan-anemometers, pitot tubes, and digital manometers with a broad range of accuracy and resolution

Thermocouples, heat flux sensors, and humidity sensors

A high-speed color camera with a maximum speed of 500 frames per second and ultimate resolution of 2.3 Megapixels (1900 by 1200) and professional lenses and lighting

Several axial, centrifugal, and cross-flow fans controlled by variable frequency drives

Large walk-in freezers

High power CO2 lasers, optic fibers, and beam intensity sensors and meters

 3D printers (shared)

 More than ten computers and laptops

High-performance computing cluster (shared)