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This summer, Tech Archives had yearbooks dating from 1926 to 2003 digitized and made text searchable. As mentioned in previous articles, scanning is time consuming and tedious. As a result, we used a vendor for the physical scanning while cataloging the yearbooks was performed inhouse. The work performed by the qualified vendor speed up the digitization process and expedited making the yearbooks available to patrons (you!).

The yearbooks are available in chronological order here.

Hit refresh if the page does not load.

Most yearbooks are over 300 pages and include pictures. Downloading and viewing the yearbooks requires a good internet connection. Outlined below are specific methods for accessing the yearbooks including finding specific years, performing keyword searches, and downloading individual yearbooks.

Finding a Specific Year

To find a yearbook from a specific year, follow the link above, scroll down and look for the “Date” heading on the left-hand-side seen in the below image. Expand the selection using the “Show more” selection and select the desired date.

Example showing how to find a yearbook from a specific year.

Keyword Searching

To perform a keyword search of the yearbooks, use the link above and enter your search term in the box as seen in the below example. This search will provide you with a list of yearbooks containing your search term.

Example showing how search multiple yearbooks for a specific keyword.

To perform a keyword search in a specific yearbook, select the desired yearbook using the link provided above, click the magnifying glass, and provide the desired search term as seen in the below example.

Example showing how to search one yearbook for a specific keyword.

Downloading Yearbooks

If you would like to download a specific yearbook, select the desired yearbook and then select the download button on the top right-hand-side as seen in the below example.

Example showing the download icon.

If you have any questions regarding the yearbooks, archives, or have problems with viewing or download, send us an email at!

About University Archives

Archives and Special Collections resides in Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library on the first floor. The collection includes materials of legal, fiscal and historical significance to Tennessee Tech University and documents the history of the Upper Cumberland Region. The collection includes over 2,500 cubic feet of manuscripts, photographs, and archives from Tennessee Tech as well as surrounding people, businesses, and organizations of the Upper Cumberland. The collection contains books on the history and culture of the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee.
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