Minutes: April 7, 2017

April 7, 2017

In attendance:  Troy Smith; Wali R. Kharif; Matthew Zagumny; Kim Godwin; Elie Fetzer (student), Laura Militana – Herald Citizen; Julia Gruber, Josie McQuail, Michael Gunther; John Wilson, guest speaker

Dr. Gruber asked for approval of agenda; it was moved, seconded, and unanimously agreed to

Minutes from both February 2017 and March 2017 were circulated by e-mail and because of a lack of quorum it was decided an e-mail vote on approval was going to be done.:

Committee reports: Treaurer/Membership:  Dr. Kharif in his report said that we had a    Treasurer/memberships appointment:  Allen Driggers agreed to serve as Treasurer/Membership Chair.  Dr. Kharif gave his last membership and treasurer’s report.  Current memberships as of April 7, 2017 were 38; for Payroll Deductions for 2-16-17 we had 31 members paying via payroll deduction.  Direct pay: 7 members.  There was no change in membership.


Treasury Report from April 7, 2017.  Balance in the AAUP account was $6,503.82. This amount includes 2  deposits since March 2, 2017 totaling $1,053 – February ($526.50 and March (526.50 payroll deducted dues checks sent from TTU


Future committed payments for the 2016-17 academic year:  $3,147.75

Second Quarter 2017 Chapter Payroll Dues: $1,049.25 (pay by June 2017)

Thrid Quarter 2017 Chapter Payroll Dues $1,049.25 (pay by September 2017)

Fourth Quarter 2017 Chapter Payroll Dues $1,049.25 (pay by December 2017)


Future Income from 2016-17 Academic Year:  TTU Payroll Deduction Dues Checks: $1,579.50

3 checks @ $526.50 each: circa April 30, 2017, May 31, 20117, and June 30, 2017

amount available for use:  $2,035.57

This estimate is based on the chapter retaining at least $2,000 in the treasury at all times.


        Old business: the AAUP resolution – the resolution was posted on the AAUP website.  An e-mail vote was conducted on whether to present the findings of the AAUP Resolution to the Faculty Senate, and the vote as 17 to 1 in favor.



  1. V) New Business: Dr. Wilson

    John K. Wilson, author of seven books, including Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest, Newt Gingrich: Capitol Crimes and Misdemeanors, Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies, and The Most Dangerous Man in America: Rush Limbaugh’s Assault on Reason. He is the co-editor of organd the editor of Illinois Academe. He has a Ph.D. in education from Illinois State University, and is the co-organizer of the Chicago Book Expo and the Evanston Literary Festival.


In his opinion, Dr. Wilson stated, speech should not be suppressed.  Heinous speech will be revealed for what it is if it is allowed expression by those who hold pernicious beliefs.  Fri. Dr. Wilson spoke on The Right to Protest, But Not the Right to Silence”: the right to protest on campus and free speech, including the Middlebury conflict over Charles Murray.

On Sat. Dr. Wilson will speak about “Free Speech on Campus, From Trump to Tennessee”


The meeting was adjourned for a social at Dr. Gruber’s home.

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