September 7 AAUP meeting agenda

AAUP Meeting
September 7th, 2017
Henderson 205
I)                  Approval of Agenda
II)             Approval of Minutes  
III)            Committees: Reports
IV)             Old business
V)                New Business
  • What will our focus be, i.e. choosing which of our concerns that we want to prioritize and in what order.
  • List of tips for new/untenured faculty
  • Panel discussion on tenure/promotion?
  • Wali Kharif Award for outstanding service:  form a committee to set the guidelines
  •  By laws: form a committee to revise/edit
  • Fun/positive vibes: form a committee to come up with ideas


 VI)             Other Such Matters

A monthly AAUP member profile on our website, bowling or some other event maybe once per semester to which we can invite everybody. Initiatives that could get positive attention and draw new members.
Does anyone want to be in charge of the Facebook page?

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