Special AAUP Meeting on Fiduciary Responsibility

The AAUP chapter at TTU invites all faculty to attend a meeting to discuss the concept of fiduciary responsibility in higher education in general, and TTU in particular.
We want to hear from you, TTU faculty, whether you think that the three propositions of fiduciary responsibility – fidelity to mission, integrity of operations, and conservation of core values are currently adequately and satisfactorily fulfilled at TTU.
Fiduciary behavior includes, prominently, holding to the institution’s mission and ensuring that the institution is financially and operationally sound and stable. Mission-compliance addresses whether students receive a quality education.

Is reading this making you tense? We will give away a gift certificate for a one hour massage (at Fringe Salon) to release the tension of one faculty member. Light refreshments for all.

Join us in Henderson Hall 205 on Friday, February 27th at 3.30 pm.

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