New Faculty Guidebook


Welcome to Tennessee Technological University.  As a new faculty member, you probably have many questions you would like answered. Recognizing your need, the Tennessee Tech Chapter of the American Association of University Professors has produced this guidebook, which presents in one relatively short document information about many of the topics that are probably of interest to you in your efforts to become acquainted with TTU. In addition to this guide, we recommend your participation in the annual orientation for new faculty at the beginning of each academic year, which is coordinated by the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.


Let us stress that the information presented in this guidebook is by no means complete or exhaustive.  It is intended merely as a point of departure.  Eventually, you will want to refer to numerous other documents that discuss the matters contained hereinafter in far greater detail than was possible or desirable in this guidebook.


One of the first documents that you will want to consult after browsing through this guidebook is the Faculty Handbook, accessible on-line in the latest version at  In it many of the matters discussed briefly below are spelled out in considerable detail.



Access the New Faculty Guidebook here.

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