Meet the new Archives Assistant!

The Archives is expanding and with it comes a new Archives Assistant to help us increase our digital resources and online accessibility! Welcome the new Archives Assistant, Tammy George! Tammy began her new role as an Archives Assistant in July 2023, but she is no stranger to the university or the campus library. Tammy has worked for Tennessee Tech for the past six years and her previous role was in the Volpe Library’s Administration office. It was here that she had her first opportunity to work on a project for the Archives during the summer of 2022.

According to Tammy, her project with the Archives quickly became one of the most interesting jobs she has participated in during the course of her employment with Tennessee Tech. She reviewed the newly-digitized Eagle yearbooks and created metadata for the online digital content management system. This project was unique and she found herself learning facts and history about Tennessee Tech that she had not known before, which revealed information about the campus, its buildings, and notable places in Cookeville. History and Social Studies were always one of her favorite subjects in school and she feels very fortunate to have joined the Archives team to further explore her interests.

Tammy’s work will expand upon the Eagle yearbook metadata project. Her new position includes digitization and digital preservation, remediating existing metadata and creating new metadata, and collecting and preserving university social media, websites, and digital content from the university’s web pages for preservation in our digital content management system. Tammy will assist the Archives by helping us increase digital access while working to preserve the digital content and material that is created by the university on a daily basis.

Tammy’s hobbies include visual arts, scrapbooking, crocheting, and reading. As an avid scrapbooker, she’s looking forward to discovering what scrapbooks are in the Archives’ collection.

Tech Archives is very excited to have Tammy as our newest team member and is looking forward to working with her and sharing what she learns and does with the Tech Community. Welcome aboard Tammy!

About University Archives

Archives and Special Collections resides in Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library on the first floor. The collection includes materials of legal, fiscal and historical significance to Tennessee Tech University and documents the history of the Upper Cumberland Region. The collection includes over 2,500 cubic feet of manuscripts, photographs, and archives from Tennessee Tech as well as surrounding people, businesses, and organizations of the Upper Cumberland. The collection contains books on the history and culture of the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee.
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