7th/8th grade MTSBOA All-Midstate Videos Fall 2020


performed by TTU Trombonist, class of 2016, Jeremy Brown

Allegretto is a moderately quick tempo, slower than a true Allegro.  As you will hear on the recording below, Jeremy plays this nice and strong, with a lively dance-like bounce to it.

I also encourage you to follow the shape of the lines and crescendo slightly as you go upwards, diminishing in volume slightly as you move downward.  This will make the lines more interesting as well as making it easier to play the higher notes of each phrase.

Andante from Melodious Etude #5 for Trombone by Marco Bordogni, ed. Johannes Rochut

This is a part of a vocal exercise by Italian singer Marco Bordogni that was brought to the USA and transcribed for trombone by French trombonist Johannes Rochut when he was principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony.  Ever since their publication, they have been a standard part of the trombonist’s repertoire as we seek to play in a more beautiful singing style.

Be careful not to play too quietly on this one.  Listen to the recording to hear how a soft quality of sound can happen while still playing with enough air support to fill up the horn.  Try to follow the shapes of the lines to make the music more interesting.  Have fun and SING!