Equipment & Facilities

Research Facility in Electric Vehicles
1) 5 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles (2×2019 SV with 40 kWh battery, 1×2020 SV with 40 kWh battery, 1×2020 SV Plus with 62 kWh battery, 1×2019 Nissan Leaf SL Plus with 62 kWh battery). All Nissan Leaf EVs are featured with level-2 autonomy (adaptive cruise control at 3 different distance and lane keeping assistance)
2) 3 Chevy Bolt EUV (All Bolt EUVs come with a 65.0-kWh battery pack that the EPA estimates will provide 247 miles of range.)
3) 3 2023 VW ID 4. SUV (82 kWh-battery, 255-275 miles).
4) 2 2023 Mach-E SUV (RWD, 72-kWh battery and 250 miles)
5) 1 F150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck (with extended range up to 320 miles)
6) 1 plug-in hybrid F250 pickup truck (see below)
7) Comprehensive EV Charging Station Network (including various DCFC and level-2 charging station). See a 62.5 kW DCFC below.
Research Facility in Engines and Aftertreatment Systems
1) 2GR-FE Toyota 3.5L direct-injection gasoline engine (x2);

2GR-FE Toyota Engine with dSPACE-based Inhouse Engine Control Unit

2) 2.5L Flat 4-cylinder Subaru Boxer gasoline engine;
3) Cummins ISB6.7 Diesel Engine;
4) Aftertreatment systems including Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), Diesel particulate filter (DPF), and urea-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, NOx adsorber catalyst, Three-way catalyst.
5) Nissan V6 3.5L direct injection gasoline engine and three-way catalyst (TWC)
6) Sensors: CAN-based NOx sensors, CAN-based ammonia sensors, CAN-based Bosch LSU 4.9 Lambda Sensor, differential pressure sensor, and thermocouples;
7) MKS 2030 HS MultiGas FTIR Emission Gas Analyzer

MKS 2030 HS MultiGas FTIR Gas Analyzer

8) Engine Test Cell

1) DYNOmite engine dynamometer;
2) DYNOmite EMS exhaust gas analyzer;
3) Engine starter engagement endurance tester.
4) SuperFlow Black Widow high-performance water-brake engine dynamometer (Suitable for both gasoline engines and heavy-duty Diesel engine operations)
Research Facility in Automated and Connected Electric Vehicles
1) Autonomy Sensors: Velodyne’s VLP-16 Lidar sensor, Delphi ESR 2.5 long-range radar sensor kit, Delphi SRR2 electronically scanned radar sensor kit, on-vehicle high-performance computing system, power distribution system.
Delphi ESR 2.5 Radar Sensor

Delphi ESR 2.5 Radar Sensor

Velodyne’s Puck VLP-16 Lidar Sensor

3) Nissan Leaf EV with dSPACE-based drive-by-wire and steer-by-wire system and inhouse adaptive cruise control system
2019 Nissan Leaf SV
2019 Nissan Leaf SV EV Platform

dSPACE-based drive-by-wire Control System

4) Rapid Prototype Control Equipment
  • dSPACE MicroAutoBox
  • dSPACE RapidPro Engine Control Modules