Image: Andy Brunning/Compound Interest


Research in our lab spans several subdisciplines within botany. Our research questions exist at the lines of intersection among systematics, reproductive ecology, development, and comparative morphology. This wholistic approach uses molecular, field, structural, developmental, and historical data to answer questions about plant evolution and conservation. 

We use Passiflora (passion fruit) as a model system within which to ask questions about the evolution of nectaries (nectar-secreting structures), historical patterns of species diversification, and reproductive ecology. Our lab is also focused on understanding the natural history and pollination ecology of Physaria globosa, a Federally endangered species found in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. 

Botany education is another strong focus in our lab; we have several active projects developing effective ways to increase interest in botany at both the K-12 and college levels. 

Above all else, we are strong advocates for diversity in science and the importance of inclusion in all stages of scientific inquiry.  

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