Course Info:

PHED 1040-001 Archery

PHED 1040-002 Archery

Telephone Numbers:

Work: 1-(931)-498-2829       9 AM – 4  PM
Home: 1-(931)-526-7941        5:01 PM – 8:59 AM

Email Addresses:

TTU Email:
Work Email:

Map to the Range:


Range Rules:

1. Never point an arrow, particularly one in a bow, toward any one.
2. Never shoot an arrow high into the air.
3. Never shoot at a target when someone is in the vicinity of the target or even could be in the vicinity, unseen by you.
4. Approach arrows in the target carefully and pull them from the target only after checking that the area behind you is clear.
5. Use only the equipment fitted for you and assigned to you.
6. Never draw past your anchor point.
7. Wait for signals from your instructor or a person your instructor designates before beginning shooting or retrieving arrows.
8. Do not mix alcohol or drugs with shooting archery.
9. Follow rules 1 through 9 at all times.


GRADING AND EVALUATION: 25 % on each 1/3 term exam and 25% on participation and attitude.

Grading System. Grades are indicated by letters:

A – excellent
B – good
C – satisfactory
D – passing
F – failure

I ­ incomplete or FAILURE TO PAY FEES
IF – incomplete, calculated as an F
NF – fail, never attended
P – pass
AU – Audit
X – absent from examination
W – withdrew passing
S – satisfactory
U – unsatisfactory
SP – thesis (satisfactory progress)
NP – thesis (no progress)

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is required for all class meetings.

Accommodations for special needs: Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Accommodation request (AR) should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of the course. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center , Room 112: phone 931-372-6119.