Clay Studio Facilities

The clay studio at the Appalachian Center for Craft is among the finest in North America. Over 8000 square feet indoors (heated and air-conditioned) and 3000 additional square feet outdoors under-roof provide ample space for all ceramic forming, glazing, and firing processes.

Spacious rooms featuring a mix of artificial and natural light include a classroom/studio for beginning and intermediate classes, a classroom/studio for advanced students, a studio for the artist-in-residence, three rooms to accommodate independent study, senior thesis, and visiting artists, a large kiln room, a glazing room, a claymixing room, a clay materials storeroom, a moist clay storeroom, and a faculty office and studio.  Advanced students are each assigned approximately 120 square feet of semi-private studio space with a 4’x8′ table and a large shelf unit, and have full access to all studio equipment and kilns.

We mix our own claybodies from a good supply of all the standard raw materials, and stock several moist bagged clays for the intro class, workshops, and other programs.  All intermediate and advanced students mix their own claybodies.

The studio features a full range of kilns for electric oxidation and gas oxidation or reduction, plus a salt kiln, soda kiln, and two wood kilns.  Facilities are available for bonfire and pit-fire processes.

Go to the Kilns and Equipment page for more information, or email me.   To find out more about other programs and facilities at the Appalachian Center for Craft, go to the Craft Center webpage.

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