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  • at tntech.edu: renfro
  • at renf.ro: mike

Hooray for self-promotion. The short form is that I’m a research and development engineer in TTU‘s Center for Manufacturing Research. In particular, it means that on any given week, I may be

  • Managing various Linux and Solaris workstations and servers for TTU’s Computer Aided Engineering Network, including our expanding high-performance computing facility
  • Debugging or developing Matlab programs (for number crunching), Labview virtual instruments (for data acquisition), or Python programs (for everything else)
  • Coordinating vibrational, material property, or related tests for outside clients
  • Designing frames or other mechanical systems for various research experiments
  • Running rapid prototyping parts on our stereolithography machine
  • Supporting students, faculty, and staff using CAD and FEA software
  • Creating disruptive innovations that redefine the marketdilbert23659960040216.gif

I grew up in Culleoka, TN, population small enough for the public school to have 13 grades in one building. My graduating class was 29 people. Between high school and college, I spent a month at National Youth Science Camp. I started my undergraduate education at TTU in 1989, and spent two years on co-op at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I got my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1995, stayed around for a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1998, and never saw a particularly good reason to leave. I’ve taught undergraduate classes in engineering graphics, intro to M.E. and numerical methods, and thermodynamics. I’ve also done CAD and programming support work for classes in Design for Manufacturability, Dynamics of Machinery, Numerical Heat Transfer, and Advanced CAD/CAM. And I’ve started coursework for an Engineering PhD as of August 2008.

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