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2022 —  Huge news! We are bringing to Tennessee Technological University one of the largest and most powerful wind tunnel facilities that only a few academic institutions have! President Oldham and Dr. Vasel discussed the importance of this 500-horsepower facility with a 10-ft-wide, 10-ft-tall, and 23-ft-long test section on our wind energy and engineering, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and aerospace research capabilities! Read the article here:


Herald-Citizen, June 10, 2022 | Cookeville, TN

2022 —  FMRL participated in the 2022 Tennessee Governor’s School for Emerging Technologies at Tennessee Technological University. Throughout this one-month-long outreach event, Reza Nouri and Nathanial Lee led an R&D team of six students working on wind turbine technology.


2022 —  Reza Nouri wins the Best Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Student Poster Award on TN Tech’s Research and Creative Inquiry Day! Reza won this very same award in 2021! 

Reza Nouri (left) accepting the award presented by Dr. Francis Otuonye 

2022 —  The National Science Foundation granted Dr. Vasel us a $500,493 CAREER Award to research thermal transport processes in the atmospheric boundary layer in the presence of utility-scale solar Photovoltaic plants! Read more about this award here:

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[4] Herald-Citizen, April 23, 2022, Cookeville, TN

Herald Citizen, April 23, 2020

2022 — Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) granted us a $250,000 Research Award to continue the research and development of a cutting-edge technology to conduct the thermal treatment of nuclear power plants’ ice condensers using IR lasers!

2021 — FMRL received an $11,000 New Instrumentation Grant from TN-Tech’s College of Engineering to design and fabricate a mini-lab to demonstrate the first and the second laws of thermodynamics!

2021 — Douglas Clark becomes FMRL’s first Ph.D. graduate!  

Douglas Clark’s Graduation, 2021

2021 — FMRL received a $10,000 Faculty Research Grant from TN-Tech’s Office of Research to investigate the environmental impacts of solar PV plants!

2021 — Reza Nouri received The 2021 Eminence Award for The Doctor of Philosophy Best Paper! The Eminence Awards Ceremony was created to recognize outstanding students for superior accomplishments throughout the academic year.

2021 Taylor McCarty received a $4,000 Creative Inquiry Summer Experience (CISE) Grant to research multiphase flows at FMRL!

2021 We provide hands-on experience! Read this piece to learn more about our lab (Herald-Citizen, March 17, 2021, Cookeville, TN)!

2021 — FMRL received a $15,000 Instrumentation Grant from TN-Tech’s College of Engineering to acquire a calibration unit for the constant-temperature anemometry probes!

2020Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) awarded us a new $185,000 Research Grant to develop a laser-based system for maintenance of ice condensers.

2020 — Logan Unser received the Excellence in Creative Inquiry Award from Tennessee Tech University!

2020 — Stephen Foltz received a $4,000 Creative Inquiry Summer Experience (CISE) Grant to research a hydro-kinetic energy harvester!

2020 — Logan Unser received a $4,000 Creative Inquiry Summer Experience (CISE) Grant to research scaling horizontal axis wind turbines!

2019 — FMRL received a $10,700 Research Grant from HKF Technologies LLC to research application of artificial intelligence for air pollution monitoring and remediation using Neural Network and Deep Learning.

2019 — FMRL received a $20,715 Research Grant from the US Department of Interior (via University of Delaware) to research advanced wake loss modeling for large wind farms with variable wind speed and direction.

2019 — Logan Unser received a $4,000 Creative Inquiry Summer Experience (CISE) Grant to research vertical axis wind turbines!

2018 — Trenton Preston received a $4,000 Creative Inquiry Summer Experience (CISE) Award to develop an underwater vortex ring generator!