Spring 2019

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Spring 2019

Feb. 15st Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, TTU Chapter
High-Powered Rocketry at Tennessee Tech 

Feb. 22nd Audrey Pattat, UT Martin
Assessing post-Miocene tilting of the Southern High Plains through paleoslope reconstructions of the Ogallala Formation

Mar. 1st Damien DeArmitt, TTU Physics Major
Material Depolarization of Ultracold Neutrons

Mar. 15th Dylan Gardner, TTU Chemistry
An Error Analysis of Relative Stereochemistry determinations via Residual Dipolar Coupling NMR

Mar. 22nd Cole Howell, TTU Physics and Joseph Owens, TTU Electrical Engineering
NEXT: Detector
NEXT Detector Signal Amplification

Mar. 29th Dr. Sean Finch, Duke University and Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
Measurements of Fission Product Yields

Apr. 5th Valerie Jones, TTU Wildlife and Fisheries
Distribution and abundance of the bluemask darter (Etheostoma akatulo) in the Collins River during summer 2018 (with an introduction to endangered species)

Apr. 11th Dr. Peter Geltenbort, Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France
Special Time: Thursday, 11am, Bruner 119
Fundamental Neutron Physics at the ILL

Apr. 19th Darsh Dinger, TTU Physics and Jeremiah Ginder, TTU Computer Science
Development of a CMOS Position-Sensitive UCN Detector
Semiclassical Simulation of Spin Evolution in the UCNτ Experiment

Apr. 26th Physics Major Senior Research Presentations
Sam Hall, Benjamin Luna, Di’Arra Mostella

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