Spring 2018

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Spring 2018

Feb. 2nd Professor Mary Kidd, TTU
Mysteries of Matter – The Unknown Neutrino

Feb. 16th Madison Rigney, TTU Chemistry Major
Interrogating the role of water in metal ion extraction into room temperature ionic liquids

Feb. 23rd Dylan Gardner, TTU Chemistry Graduate
Characterization of Synthesis of N-Ethyl-2-[1-(2-pyrazinyl) ethylidene] hydrazinecarbothioamide (APZ-ETSC) by Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy

Mar. 16th Jacob Zettlemoyer, Indiana University
The World’s Smallest Neutrino Detector: First Measurement of Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS)

Mar. 23rd Dr. Michael Huber, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Interferometry with Neutrons

Mar. 30th Dr. Tyson Littenberg, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Apr. 6th Ben Luna, TTU Physics Major and Zach Chaney, TTU Mechanical Engineering Major
Unexpected Shapes: The structure of 34Mg nuclei

Apr. 20th Dezrick Howard, TTU Physics Major
Measuring the Neutron Lifetime with Ultracold Neutrons

Apr. 27th Andrew Hall and Keegan Hoffman
Silicon Semiconductor Detector Dead Layer Characterization using 210Po α-source
Analysis of a Magnetic Field Map of the UCNτ Magnetic Array

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