Spring 2017

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Spring 2017


Feb. 15th  Dr. Chris Haddock, Indiana University, US/Nagoya University, JP
Solving Problems in Fundamental Physics Using Neutrons

Feb. 22nd. Keegan Hoffman, TTU Physics Major
Creating a Magnetic Mapper for the UCNtau Experiment

Mar. 1st  Dr. Andy Saunders, Los Alamos National Lab
Looking Inside Explosions: Proton Radiography at Los Alamos Lab

Mar. 15th  Lansdon Alcorn, TTU Geoscience Major
Characterizing Sandstone from the Devil’s Tower

Mar. 22nd  Professor Rhett Allain, Southeastern Louisiana University
Using Physics to Model Superheroes and Science Fiction

Mar. 29th  Damien DeArmitt, TTU Physics Major
The Probability of Depolarization of Ultra Cold Neutrons in Collision with Material Guide Tubes in a Varying Ambient Magnetic Field

Apr. 5th  Hunter Summers, TTU, Geosciences
Dendrochronology with Eastern Hemlock Trees from Window Cliffs

Apr. 19th  Dr. Leah Broussard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Neutron Beta Decay and the Weak Interaction

Apr. 26th  Caleb Davis, TTU Computer Science
Extracting Neutron Lifetimes from UCNτ Data

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