Fall 2017

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Fall 2017

Sep. 20th Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, TTU Chapter, Wesley Kizer
2017 Solar Eclipse High Altitude Ballooning

Sep. 27th Di’Arra Mostella, TTU Physics Major
The Development of NEXT: A New High Resolution Neutron Detector

Oct. 4th Damien DeArmitt, TTU Physics Major
Material Depolarization of Ultracold Neutrons

Oct. 11th Alex Chaney, TTU Physics and Chemical Engineering Major
SLIMER: A Scintillator Layered Imaging Microscope for Environmental Research

Oct. 18th Prof. Jeannette Wolak, TTU Earth Science
Analysis of Terraced Fans on Mars

Nov. 1st J.P. Nelms
Nuclear Decay Station Engineering Design

Nov. 8th Prof. George Siopsis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Quantum Information – The Light Edition

Nov. 15th Hannah Blaylock and Garrett Winkle, TTU Earth Science Majors
Petrophysical Properties of the Fort Payne Formation (Mississippian), Tennessee and Kentucky

Nov. 29th Dr. Daniel Salvat, University of Washington
The MuSun Experiment: or, how to have fun in rural Switzerland

Dec. 6th Dr. Barry Win, Oak Ridge National Lab (and TTU alum)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Neutron Scattering User Program

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