Fall 2016

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Fall 2016


Sep. 14th  Alex Carls, TTU Physics Major
  The β-decay of 35Mg and Nuclear Structure of 35Al

Sep. 21th  Professor Grzywacz-Jones, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  Nuclear Reactions with Tin Isotopes

Oct. 5th  Professor Norman Mannella, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  From Atoms, to Matter, to Marvels: All Around Us

Oct. 19th  Aaron Engelhardt, TTU Physics Major
  Optimizing Timing Resolution for the NEXT Array

Oct. 26th  Dr. Robert Pattie, Los Alamos National Lab
  Searching for Baryon Number Violation with Cold Neutrons

Nov. 2th  Gwendolyn Buchanan, TTU Mathematics Major
  SLIMER: A Scintillator Layered Imaging Microscope for Environmental Research

Nov. 9th  Steven Shadrick, TTU Physics Major
  Investigation of Energy Threshold and Neutron-Gamma Discrimination for the NEXT Array

Nov. 16th  Dr. Steven Pain, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  Nuclear Astrophysics with Radioactive Beams

Nov. 30th  Professor Werner Tornow, Duke University/TUNL
  KamLAND: From Neutrino Physics to Astrophysical Phenomena and Back to Earth