Fall 2023

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Fall 2023

Sep. 8th Professor Shane Hutson, Vanderbilt University
Something’s wrong in the cellular neighborhood

Sep. 15th Physics Club Field Trip to ORNL

Sep. 22nd Cricket Bergner & Ezekiel Vespie, TTU Physics
Decay Study of 33Mg and 35Mg for Level Scheme Development

Sep. 29th Professor Athiray Panchapakesan, University of Alabama Huntsville
Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
X-ray views of the Sun – A Rocket Journey

Oct. 6th Dakota Moye, TTU Electrical Engineering and Physics
Decay of 34Mg and Its Daughters

Oct. 13th Caleb Eldridge & Joel Watson & Ethan White, TTU Physics
A Summer Research Experience in Taiwan

Oct. 20th Luke Parsons, TTU Physics
Measurements of the 134Xe Neutron Capture Cross-Section Between 0.43 and 5.5 MeV

Oct. 27th
Gabriel Adams, TTU Physics and Computer Science
Analyzing Decay Patterns of Xenon-134

Michael Potts, TTU Physics and Mathematics
Simulating Self Absorption Due to Neutron Inelastic Scattering in Xenon 134

Nov. 3rd Felicity Hills, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
A Graduate Student Journey: From Biomathematics to a Search for the Neutron’s Electric Dipole Moment

Nov. 17th Graduate School Workshop

Dec. 1st Physics Advanced Lab Presentations

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