Fall 2020

Physics Department’s Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Fall 2020

Sep. 25th Christian Swindell, TTU Computer Science
Further Optimization of an Ultracold Neutron Spin Dynamics Simulation Code

Oct. 2nd TBA

Oct. 9th TBA

Oct. 16th Austin Marler et al., TTU Mechanical Engineering
TTU Ion Generator Development

 Oct. 23rd 
Kaitlyn Kidwell, TTU Physics
Using Period-Luminosity to Calculate Distance for the RR Lyrae Star EZ Lyr

Emma Mitchell, TTU Physics
Calculating Galactic Distances of RR Lyrae Variable Star RS Boo Using the Period-Luminosity Relationship

Oct. 30th TBA

Nov. 6th TBA

Nov. 13th Mina Kemp, TTU Computer Science
A Graphical User Interface-Based Framework for Ultracold Neutron Monte Carlo Simulations

Nov. 20th Darsh Dinger, TTU Physics

Dec. 4th Physics Advanced Laboratory Presentations
Dakota Bowser, TTU Physics
Magnetic Torque in a Spherical Pendulum

Damien DeArmitt, TTU Physics
The Michelson Interferometer: Observations of the Wave-like Nature of Light

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