Below is a collection of art and ceramics web links divided into Technical Ceramics, Ceramics Galleries, Art Museums and Other Online Collections, Miscellaneous, and Former ACC Students Active in Clay. At all of the gallery links you can peruse exhibitions and the work of represented artists online, and the museum links are those that have some or all of their collections accessible online.

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Technical Ceramic Information and Suppliers

  • Mason Color Works – makers of Mason stains – online color charts of Mason stains.
  • Edward Orton Foundation – makers of Orton pyrometric cones – cone charts and other technical information about cones.
  • US Pigment – supplier of coloring oxides, ceramic stains, and hard-to-find ceramic raw materials.
  • Digitalfire – website of Tony Hansen, inventor of the Insight glaze-calculation software – treasure-trove of technical ceramics information.
  • Digitalfire Reference Database – go straight to Tony Hansen’s extensive library of technical articles.
  • Ceramic Industry – organization and magazine.  This link leads to their extensive article, “Pottery Production Practices: Pottery Myths,” by Jeff Zamek, one of the most knowledgeable potters around when it comes to technical matters.
  • Laguna Clay Company – this link leads to a good collection of technical articles and a database of SDS (safety data sheets) for ceramic materials.
  • Glazy – Derek Au’s extensive recipe website including glazes, claybodies, slips, underglazes, overglazes, and refractories.
  • Mid-South Ceramics – our favorite ceramic supplier in Tennessee
  • Linda Arbuckle Handouts – a treasure-trove of good handouts about claybodies, glazes, and other ceramic information.

Ceramics Galleries with Online Exhibitions and Collections

Art Museums and other Online Collections

Miscellaneous Links
  • Field Guide for Ceramic Artists – Julia Galloway’s amazing new website of information and resources developed to help and support students when they are finishing school. Click on “Table of Contents” at the top to access the extensive content.
  • The Marks Project – A dictionary of American studio pottery marks and signatures, 1946 to the present, for identifying studio potters/sculptors and their work.
  • Ceramic Arts Daily – the studio clay web presence of the American Ceramic Society.
  • Studio Potter – the online presence for Studio Potter magazine, with sample articles and other useful information.
  • Ceramics Today – lots of useful and informative articles.
  • CFile Online – Garth Clark’s online ceramics magazine.  Probably the most intelligent writing about contemporary ceramics online today.  CFile is a subscription service, but much information and articles are available for free at this site.
  • Leach Pottery – the historic Bernard Leach Pottery in St. Ives, England, where Craft Center BFA alumnus Kat Wheeler is on the production team.
  • CERF – The Craft Emergency Relief Fund – emergency relief for craftspeople who have suffered catastrophic loss. The folks at CERF are not just the good guys. They are the very best guys.
  • Potters for Peace – a worldwide network of potters working towards peace and justice at all levels.
  • NCECA – National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts – the studio ceramics entity that runs the big annual conference that no one in studio ceramics should miss.
  • How to Unlock Your Hidden Creativity – a nice article from Open Colleges.

Former TTU Clay Students Active in Clay
This list includes ceramic artists who were my students at the Craft Center and are currently active in clay.  Most are graduates of our BFA program, while some like Beth Cavener and Liz Zlot Summerfield came to the Craft Center for post-baccalaureate studies. You can see ceramic work by many of these artists in the gallery of student work.