Syllabi and Handouts

Below are links to my course syllabi and a variety of handouts in PDF form. Click on any title to access the PDF document, which can then be downloaded to your computer. The handouts are available for your own personal use or to pass out to students if you teach, with the clear understanding that these handouts are my words and my work.  They can be reproduced in multiples and distributed only with proper attribution to me as author.  If you have questions or comments, please contact me.

Course Syllabi – Note: the Clay on the Wheel and Intermediate Handbuilding courses are usually taught by our clay studio artist-in-residence, which is currently Lydia Johnson, a recent MFA graduate of Alfred University.  As instructor of record, the resident has the freedom to modify the syllabus to their own expectations and inclinations, but our studio resident changes every one to three years, and thus it is best to have a generic copy of those syllabi available here.

General Information

3-D Design

Miscellaneous Ceramics Handouts

Clays and Claybodies

Throwing and Handbuilding

Surface Decoration

Glazes and Glazing

Studio Equipment

Kilns and Firing