• My book, Clay: A Studio Handbook, was originally published by the American Ceramic Society in 2001, and the second edition just came out in October of 2016.  The new edition is completely re-written, with all color images including over 150 of contemporary vessels and sculpture.  Click here to see a list of artists whose work is illustrated. This is a comprehensive handbook/textbook covering virtually all aspects of studio ceramics with chapters on Clay and Claybodies, Handbuilding, Throwing, Plaster Work, Surface Decoration, Glazes and Glazing, Kilns and Firing, Mixed-Media Work, and Studio Safety, plus an extensive glossary of terms, and a complete glossary of ceramic raw materials. This book will prove valuable to all amateur and professional clay artists, and is the ideal companion for students and teachers at all levels.  It is the only fully up-to-date comprehensive ceramics textbook currently available that ideally serves the needs of university coursework. For further information or to purchase a copy, please go to the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore website or Amazon.
  • NOTE – for anyone who has purchased the new edition of my book, we did find an error on page 135.  In the slip recipe for black and brown colors, it should read 12 parts G-200 rather than 2 parts.  Please correct it in your copy.
  • “Tool Times,” my quarterly column in Clay Times magazine, discusses a broad range of topics related to clay studio tools, fixtures, and equipment.  If you have questions about my column or suggestions for future columns, please email me.
  • Go to Super-Refined Terra Sigillata for a comprehensive article on how to make this ceramic “elixir of the gods,” including information about where to order the needed supplies and equipment.
  • For a list of magazine articles and other publications, see the section on publications in my CV.  If you have questions or comments about any of my publications, please email me.