Denis Ulybyshev, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Tennessee Technological University and Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC). Knowledgeable innovator in Information Security, Data Science, Blockchain-based Technologies and Databases, having 12 academic peer-reviewed publications, 6 awards and 7 years of research in the United States. 8 years of industrial experience in developing large-scale software for mass market, including firmware for printers, developed at Samsung Electronics, and Manufacturing Execution Systems, developed at Schneider Electric company.

Research Projects

  • Data Protection in Transit and at Rest with Leakage Detection Demo Video
  • Secure Targeted Data Propagation
  • Secure Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Systems
  • Information System for Early Surface Crack Detection

Research Interests

  1. Cybersecurity: data protection in transit and at rest, data privacy, data leakage prevention and detection, access control, search over encrypted data
  2. Distributed systems: blockchain-based technologies, cloud data management
  3. Machine Learning: Context-aware recommendation systems
  4. Information retrieval: development of search engines and optimization techniques
  5. Industrial Automation: SCADA systems, Programmable Logical Controllers
  6. Language-based security: memory protection tools, techniques for secure software development and for auditing existing software for vulnerabilities



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Hackathons & Competitions

1. Apr, 2019. Participated (6th place) in a two-day Cybersecurity Programming Challenge “TracerFIRE 2019”, organized by Sandia National Laboratories, CERIAS and Computer Science Department at Purdue University, 06-07 April 2019